Customer has right to return of goods in these cases:

  • delivery of goods which are not ordered
  • Delivery of goods which has lapse or damage that was not caused by transport

If the package was damaged by transport, damages are visible at taking the package, in this case, please do not take it. Contact us in a minimal amount of time, so we can check condition of your package and send new one.

You can send a claim for complaint on e-mail:

In case that we are not in ability to send another package, seller will compensate expenses of return of goods and value of goods if it is not able to deliver it anymore.

Information on web site are informational character, we can’t guarantee that information and pictures fully correspond to real products.

Payments on installements for bank cards issued by Croatian banks. Payment on installments: 12 installment Amex, 12 installment Visa and Maestro (PBZ), 12 installment Diners, 24 rate Mastercard (ZABA).